Minggu, 30 April 2017

Fall Prevention in the Kitchen - 8 Ways to Make Cooking Safe For Your Elderly Mom

Let your mom still enjoy the beauty and joy of cooking for the family from time to time by making sure that these fall prevention measures are implemented in the kitchen. The reason for adhering to these fall prevention advice is because many falls that happen to seniors are either associated with the use of the bathroom or while preparing food in the kitchen be it for their own consumption or for the whole family or simply because they love the art of cooking.

Slip and fall accidents are in reality the number one cause of problems among seniors that send them to the hospital or results to injuries where they never completely quite recover. So here are safety measures that will help you better take care of your elderly parent to show her that you are willing to support her at this time in her life.

In preventing falls in the kitchen safe for your elderly parent, you should investigate the whole kitchen from top to bottom all wall cupboards, bottom cabinets, cupboards, and your counter tops as they may contain seemingly harmful objects that are in reality pose threats to your senior mom. For example your blender or your microwave oven could be in a spot where they have a tendency to fall on the floor which becomes a falling hazard to your mom when she tries to pick the object up.

• Throw rugs on your floors are a hazard to seniors and more often the cause of falls that result to permanent disability. These should be removed especially if your mom is using a cane or walkers with wheels.

• A wise fall safety measure is to check your kitchen floor, see to it that it's easy to clean and is non-slip. When cleaning your floor, don't use cleaners that leave residue or make the floor super shiny as this has the potential of causing a slip injury.

• Let mom prepare food while sitting because there are times when seniors will suddenly feel weak and tired from standing too long which will sometimes cause dizzy spells thus leading to a bad fall.

• Another fall prevention tip is to use non-slip mats where mom will put her mixing bowl as she is cooking.

• If mom has problems with eyesight, have her eyes checked once a year and install bright lights in your kitchen. You can also use contrasting colors on your floors and counter tops so that she can easily see the stairs or any elevated portions of your kitchen. Some seniors also wake up in the middle of the night to have a glass of water; a night light in the kitchen will help her see what she needs to see.

• Regarding electrical cords from appliances see to it that they are kept secure after use or that the cords are tacked to prevent your mom from tripping on the wires.

• You can also printout her recipes in large print to help her see what needs to be done better.

• As a fall prevention measure, those frequently used tools, pots, pans, bowls and other kitchen apparatus, transfer them to a location in the kitchen which is easy to reach so that mom will not have to use step tools to reach for that item up there.

On a final note, fall prevention also involves asking mom in a polite way that you are senior proofing her kitchen. If you fear that she might not take this lightly, you can use gentle persuasion, or subtle suggestions as to what needs to be done in the kitchen. The reason for this is that if mom doesn't see a tool in its usual place, she might try finding the tool anywhere else in the kitchen such as overhead cupboards which may cause a fall accident.

Minggu, 23 April 2017

Make Your Stay in the Kitchen Pleasant With Beautiful Kitchenware

People who love cooking know how important it is to make your kitchen look a comfortable and appealing place in your home. Even though at a first glance it may not matter what type of pots you use to cook your dishes, it is one thing to use a dull pot for your stew and another one to use a colorful and happy one. Even the food seems more delicious even though the same ingredients have been used. Cooking brings joy to many people. This activity helps them relax and forget about all their problems while they focus on mixing the ingredients to obtain tasty dishes. This is why it is so important to buy house kitchenware that will make your time spent in the kitchen as pleasant as possible.

There are so many great websites where people passionate about cooking can find incredible items. From colorful pots, to retro jars that will look perfect in your pantry, you should have no problems in finding something to make your time spent in the kitchen as pleasant as possible. Of course, it is not just about the accessories you use when you cook, but what you look at when you rest. To this extent, modern wall clocks have a double purpose in a home and especially in a kitchen. They are excellent decorative items and you can use them to see how long before you get your cake or stew out of the stove. Wall clocks these days come in a wide variety of designs and colors, to match any type of décor a person might have in mind. Are you looking for something with numbers or you just want something simple, to look stylish on your kitchen wall? Regardless of what anyone might find, considering the wide variety available on the internet these days, it can be quite hard not to find something just perfect for your home.

House kitchenware products can have various prices, depending on their brand and their quality, but all people can find something nice, even if their budget is more limited. It is amazing how much of a difference having great items around you in the kitchen can make. You might find them silly at first, but once you start using them, you will see how good they make you feel and how much more you will enjoy each moment that you spend in the kitchen. Even small things such as a funny and unique coaster set can make a great conversation piece the next time your family gathers in the kitchen or when you have guests around.

To conclude, kitchen accessories can make everyone's life easier and much more pleasant. Whether you are just looking for something decorative such as a wall clock, or you want some happy, colorful pots to cook your latest recipes, there are many excellent options online, so you should find everything you need without any problems. Your time spent in the kitchen will be as pleasant as possible when you have beautiful accessories at your hands.

Minggu, 16 April 2017

The Kitchen Table - The Family Center

As the center point to family living, your kitchen table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. It's the place where many of your family's most important activities are enjoyed.

Family Meals

Family meals shared at the kitchen table lend to a more relaxed and laid-back mealtime. A more casual environment for family meals, your kitchen table is a great place for your family to reconnect over a shared meal.

Consider starting a family tradition of sharing your Thanksgiving or Christmas meals at your kitchen table. So often on these festive occasions just one or two people are stuck in the kitchen cooking until the meals are ready; encouraging the family to share the meals in the kitchen will also encourage them to help out in the kitchen and keep those doing the cooking company!

Family Discussions

As the heart of your home, the kitchen is where your family will most often gravitate to. This makes the family kitchen table the perfect spot to have family discussions. From lighthearted discussions about mom's cooking last night, to more serious discussions of family rules; your kitchen table is a fantastic place to host your family conversations.

Family Game Night

One of the latest trends in family-togetherness time is to host a family game night; your kitchen table makes an excellent spot at which to play these games. Close to the fridge and pantry for snack breaks, it also provides a great casual environment in which to play monopoly, scrabble, or any game your family finds joy in playing!


Getting kids to do their homework is never an easy task; left to their own devices many kids would much rather watch TV, play on their computer, or play outside with friends. Consider making the kitchen table the homework spot. The kitchen table not only gives them space to spread out their homework, but allows them to be close to their parents while dinner is being prepared. It is a lot easier to get kids to focus on their homework when they can continue without the interruption of needing to find a parent for help.

Crafts & Projects

With its large surface space, the kitchen table is an ideal spot for the family to take part in crafts and other projects. Simply layer the table with newspaper or construction paper and have fun creating your crafts and projects. Cleanup is then as easy as bundling the newspaper/construction paper off of the kitchen table and into the trash bin.

Cooking Together

In many families, one person becomes the primary chef for the family, consider sitting your kids down at the kitchen table with you while you cook or bake and teach them how to cook. From rolling out cookie dough, to chopping vegetables for a veggie soup, the kitchen table can be a great spot to teach your kids the basics of cooking. Teaching your kids how to cook will not only give them the ability to cook for themselves later in life, but will provide an excellent opportunity for you to spend more time with them.

Minggu, 09 April 2017

Alone In the Kitchen: Stirring Up Mindfulness

Put on your apron! It's time to stir up a batch of mindfulness.

Julia Child, the trilling television chef who taught millions of Americans how to prepare French food without being hoity-toity, died in her sleep at the age of 92 recently. In dozens of articles, she has been glowingly eulogized for her spirit, her humor, and her ability to share her passion for cooking and fine dining.

I've never tried any of Julia Child's recipes, and I watched her show only on those days when I was skipping high school. I was fascinated by her confidence in the kitchen, and I absolutely loved the way she dealt matter-of-factly with her mistakes. The line she used to excuse a dropped chicken or imprecisely flipped potato pancake? "You're alone in the kitchen, anyway." Just patch it up and serve with a smile.

We would do well to stir in a little of Julia's wisdom when it comes to stewing in our own juices. For those of us likely to simmer in frustration or stick to the fear pan, her gentle and humorous approach to making mistakes is a refreshing reminder to be forgiving in order to be fabulous.

A mischievous teen and notorious good-time girl in college, Julia didn't set out to impress anyone but herself. Along the way, she inspired millions. Her wildly popular cookbook, "The Way To Cook", made gourmet food attainable to anyone willing to give it a go.

Child herself served up some delicious morsels of advice for the way to live:

1) Start at any age. If you think that only monks who start chanting at age 8 are likely to develop any respectable level of mindfulness, remember Julia Child. She grew up completely oblivious to her potential in the kitchen, relying on the family cook for meals and snacks. She didn't take a cooking class until she was 34 years old, and it wasn't until the age of 51 that she started cooking before the masses on television. She continued to write cookbooks throughout her eighties.

2) Move past your mistakes. This is especially helpful in meditation. If you find yourself kneading a few thoughts, whipping up some emotions, or punching down your view of yourself as a "good" meditator, simply dump that flattened soufflé in the trash and move on.

You're alone in your head, anyway.

3) Do it for yourself. Julia Child always ended her television shows by sitting at a beautiful table set for one and raising her glass of wine to the camera with a melodic, ascending "Bon Appetit!" She made it seem perfectly reasonable to spend time lovingly preparing a delicious meal--for yourself. She delighted in the idea of cooking--and dining--for the sheer joy of the experience.

By remembering that we are never too old to start, that we must expect to make mistakes as we keep moving forward, and that we need not impress anyone but ourselves, we can stir up mindfulness wherever we are.

I still think that staying home to watch Julia Child should have been an excused absence from school. She taught me the value of demystifying difficult concepts in order to embrace learning without fear.

Minggu, 02 April 2017

Find Out What The Joy Of Cooking Is

If you have never done it before then you must be thinking what the joy of cooking could be. The joy of cooking is the time you spend in the kitchen to prepare a meal for those people that you care for and love. Cooking for your friends and family is for many people a way of telling them that they have a special feeling for them, and maybe that is the reason your parents got angry when you didn't finish your dinner. It was not about, not eating your food, it was all about you rejecting that one thing which they use to express their feelings for you. The joy of cooking is a feeling you have when you know that almost everyone loves food and you are the one preparing it for them.

Maybe strange to some, but the joy of cooking is not in the preparation of the food, but it's at the moment that the people you prepared the meal for sit down and start to enjoy the different flavors you have put together. It is a long standing tradition that friends and family sit down together and have a good meal, relax and forget for a short time all the worries of the world. Those moments are the ones you should savor and when you all feel the joy of cooking by enjoying the meal you eat that will always be a trigger to think about those good times you had together.

Can the joy be thought?

When you want to learn to cook a meal it is not to hard to find a good teacher who can teach you how to cook various recipes. However, the joy of cooking is something that is passed from one generation to the next because it involves learning specific family recipes. Sometimes watching your parents or grandparents cook is enough to see what the joy of cooking entails. And before you know it you, the one who once didn't know that there was such a thing a "the joy of cooking", are the one spreading the joy and leaning others the true joy.

Learning to cook is not the same as learning the joy of cooking as we showed you. First you have to notice that there is even such a thing as joy in cooking and when you see the difference between "enjoy" and "joy" then you are ready to start learning. Watch and learn from others like friends and family members. If you ask them they will love to show you what it is they do with certain recipes just to generate a special effect with the people eating the resulting meal.

If you enjoy cooking for others it won't be hard to find the joy in cooking. The joy others create towards you when you see them eating you meals and enjoying them. The time you have, with those people you love, at the dinner table and knowing that it was your dinner that brought them all together.